Egg Savior 2.3 enters beta test!

Post date: 03-nov-2013 21:00:54

The new version of Egg Savior (2.3) is already in beta test. A few dozens of users are already playing it, and if everything works properly, the rest of the world will have it in the next days.

What's new:

The new version will feature nine new levels! Solve the new funny puzzles and avoid the new dangerous hammer before it crushes your chicken.

Do you wish you could move the pieces while the time is paused? Meet the new time freezer! It is a limited item, you will get one for every five medals, and freezes the game for 5 seconds allowing to manipulate the puzzle meanwhile. Don't waste them!

Want to challenge your friends? This new version will also allow you to share your achievements with them.

Would you like to see the whole picture in those large levels? Now you can zoom out with a simple pinch gesture!

Hardcore players who like to solve puzzles in crazy ways will love this one: Now you can start playing directly by dragging from the inventory! Stop wasting precious time by clicking play in the other corner of the screen.

And last but not least, if you don't like level descriptions or find them useless, you can now disable them from the options menu.