The gameplay of Egg Savior is really simple. You solve the puzzles by dragging and dropping pieces from the inventory to the scene. After the game is playing you also have the option of moving pieces around inside the scene. The objective is to create a path for the chicken to walk towards the egg. You can use your pieces to change the fate of the chicken and help it find the egg and protect it from the thief that wants to get it all for himself.


Most of the pieces have a really straight meaning, and make the chicken behave as you would expect, and some are more tricky:

The horizontal board prevents the chicken from falling on absence of bricks.

The vertical board makes the chicken bounce and change direction.

The ascending ramp allows the chicken climb higher while it walks to the right, or falling nicely when walking to the left.

The descending ramp does the opposite to the ascending one.

The teleportation device makes the chicken disappear when standing on it, and reappear again three bricks further away. You have visual hints while dragging it or while the game is paused that help you understand where will the chicken reappear.

The button is present in some levels and when the chicken steps on it, it removes the red vertical board that blocks the way of the chicken. You can't drag it.

The red vertical board is also present in some levels and blocks the way to the chicken. You can make it disappear by leading the chicken to the button, but you can't drag it.

The hammer is a dangerous item. It is present in some of the most advanced levels and moves up and down rhythmically. If the chicken is below it when it hits the ground, it will get smashed. You can time your movements carefully to prevent that from happening.

The time freezer is a limited item that allows you to stop the time for five seconds while still being able to move pieces around, even from the inventory. You will earn one of these for each five medals, but use it carefully, because you spend it. Keep in mind that you can't freeze a falling chicken, it will keep falling.


Starting with level 2, you will need to scroll in order to play the game, because some levels are larger than the screen. In order to scroll, just drag with a finger from any part of the screen where there isn't a piece.

Also, if you want to get an overview of the level, you can always zoom out with a pinch gesture. You can keep changing the zoom in this way to play however you feel comfortable.


There are two factors that determine how well you solved one level: time and number of pieces. Every game level is designed to be solved in one way. If you solve it this way without losing time or using unneeded pieces, you will get 5 stars:

Every level can be solved with less pieces and in less time than it was designed, by using tricks. If you find the tricks, you can get a medal in time or in number of pieces (sometimes in both):